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Finding the test that corrupts the suite

(Finally a tech blog post …)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before!

The web application has excellent coverage in unit tests and integration tests that run continuously, but some time ago (weeks actually) some number of tests began failing with strange state errors. In our case, out of 138 test classes and 1176 tests, 82 […]

“Spring for the Advanced Java Developer” Rod Johnson

Notes from a session at TheServerSide Java Symposium March 2009

Rod addressed some emerging best practices based around annotation-based application configuration using Spring 2.5 and later.

The emerging best practice is to use the @Autowired annotation rather than @Resource. He demonstrated how to disambiguate bean references with @Qualifier. He also showed how to create your own custom annotations […]

“How Spring Fits into the Java Landscape” Rod Johnson

Notes from TheServerSide Java Symposium March 2009

At a keynote talk, you expect sweeping generalizations and “big picture” insights.

Rod pointed out some things that I have watched happening over the past two decades, namely the rise and fall of complex monolithic software systems as an expensive luxury that falls in favor of simplicity along with economic cycles.

“Enterprise […]