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Teaching bridge with a hand dealing machine

Here are five tables worth of hands ready for my next class. Each table gets boards one through four, in a distinctive board color.

Last month I took a leap and purchased a bridge hand dealing machine. The PlayBridgeDealer4 is very popular with bridge clubs and tournament managers for preparing pre-dealt hands and duplicating them across […]

“Why didn’t you just …”

Here’s one post that’s equally valid for bridge and computer programming.

Have you ever accomplished some task and had someone say “Why didn’t you just” do it some other way? Usually their suggestion is assumed to be the obvious or simpler way to do something.

In bridge, maybe you misplayed the hand, or chose a different lead on […]

How SAYC happened

It’s sort of my fault.

I was at the bridge club a few months ago when a young asian fellow stopped in to see how the games worked. The director invited him to kibitz my table, and I chatted with him a little between hands. He admitted that he enjoyed playing bridge and sometimes played online. And […]

Joy of Bridge

Mojo playing bridge on the Sea Princess

Throughout my life I’ve been something of a serial hobbyist, with a tendency to pursue a hobby obsessively until I burn out on it, or at least until the flame starts to cool. Over the years I’ve tackled ham radio, flying airplanes, gliders, motorcycling, tournament bridge, and astronomy.

(My one […]