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First cruise: The Sea Princess, San Francisco to Alaska

Jane and I are in our first port of call on our first-ever vacation cruise. We’re in a coffee shop in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Photos from our first three days with Jane’s family are here.

The cruise went non-stop from San Francisco to Ketchikan, which involved two days at sea. About 36 hours of the cruise were spent in 15-foot swells, which made for quite a rolling shuddering ship and a lot of dramamine patches given out by the medical staff. Luckily Jane and I aren’t susceptible to motion sickness, and mostly just enjoyed being rocked to sleep in our stateroom.

I joined a bridge game for the first time since 2000, and dusted off a little of my bridge muscle memory. I played two games with a delightful 70-year-old lady from near Austin, TX.

Ketchikan is a scenic town, and I’ll have lots of pictures for Day 4 of the photo album. Right now there are at least four giant cruise ships berthed at the town, and the merchants are busy sucking every dime out of them they can manage.

Internet access is available on the ship. You can buy packages for as little as $0.35/minute if you buy $175 worth, or pay $0.75 per minute pay-as-you-go. I think I’ll be content to visit internet coffee houses on our shore stops.

Next stop is Juneau, AK, and hopefully new pictures from there.

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