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“Building Server Platforms with OSGi and Equinox” Rob Harrop

BIRTExchange at TheServerSide

BIRTExchange at TheServerSide (not related to the talk)

Notes from TheServerSide Java Symposium March 2009

Rob wrote his talk for EclipseCon which is next week, so we get an early peek. He’s the lead developer from dm Server at SpringSource.

I’m a complete noob to OSGi, so I’m not familiar enough to see what’s really important or significant in the talk.

Benefits of OSGi: System Partitioning, Dependency Management, Dynamism

He starts by taking his first simple partitioning of modules, and later breaking, extracting, and rearranging modules as required. Or it’s possible and desirable to fold modules back together.

I think the cool point of his talk is this osgi namespace in the Spring application-context files to import OSGi references and dependencies. The MANIFEST.MF file contains classpath dependencies, which I assume is a standard OSGi practice. But how should the MANIFEST.MF file be maintained?

The dependencies go into the Maven POM file, and the classpath dependencies for the MANIFEST.MF can be maintained automatically by an Eclipse plug-in. This makes the Maven POM file the single canonical source for dependency information.

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